XTREME E370BU Bluetooth Speaker

Key Features

  • Model: XTREME E370BU
  • Freq:120Hz-20KHz,Sub:20Hz-170Hz
  • Separation: >40dB
  • SIN: >70dB
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Main Features
Frequency Response Sat: 120Hz-20KHz, Sub: 20Hz-170Hz
Others Separation: >40dB SIN: >70dB
Physical Spec
Dimension Subwoofer size: W160*H300*D341 mm Satellites size: W815*H70*D70 mm
Power Source
Battery capacity / voltage Power Supply: ~220V 50Hz
Type Output power: 40W+2*15W (RMS)


XTREME E370BU Bluetooth Speaker
  • Output power:  40W+2*15W (RMS)
  • Power Supply:   ~220V 50Hz
  • Drive Units:  3" x 2 + 5" Subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: Sat: 120Hz-20KHz, Sub: 20Hz-170Hz
  • Separation:  >40dB
  • SIN: >70dB
  • Distortion:  <0.5% (1K, 1W)
  • Subwoofer size:  W160*H300*D341 mm
  • Satellites size: W815*H70*D70 mm

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